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Know your child's inborn learning style or ability
A kinesthetic learner - is good in expressing their feeling/thought through body language and prefers to learn/memorize through operation and movement.
A visual learner - has sharp observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through observation and reading.
An auditory learner - prefers to learn through auditory sense/oral practice and able to assimilate, organize and arrange oral information. »

Know your child's Personality Trait - DOPE / DISC
Eagle (Dominant) - Decision Maker,Goal Oriented,Leadership, Stubborn, Natural Achiever ..
Peacock (Influential) - Enthusiastic,Extrovert,Attention Seeker,Bad Time Keeper,Talkative..
Owl (Compliant) - Perfectionist,Logical,Highly Analytical,Compliant,Process Oriented ..
Dove (Steady) - People Oriented,Good team Player, Resist Changes,Limited risk Taker,Political....

Child's Acquiring Methods & Brain Dominance
Affective - Imitate Learner(U)
Self Cognitive - Independent (W)
Reverse Thinker - Non-traditional Learner (R)
Reflective Learner - Dependent (A)

Left Brain Dominance - Logical, Sequential, Rational, Analytical, Objective...
Right Brain Dominance - Random, Intuitive, Holistic, Synthesizing, Subjective... »

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